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“Best Web Hosting in 2019” is very difficult work to find from a lot of web hosts in the market and they are claiming the almost same thing. But question is that how can identify the best web hosting. First of all, you need to identify what exactly points are required to choose the best web host.

7 Easy ways to choose the best web hosting?

1. Web Hosting Platform

Of course, this is a very important factor to keep in mind before selecting the best web host. There are two available platforms, one is windows hosting platform and the second one is Linux hosting platform.

So, check with your host that they are offering the right platform which you required.

2. Web hosting space and bandwidth

This is another important factor to know how much web hosting space and bandwidth you required. So, check you are all data files know their size. for example, the video files will take more hosting space. Text files will take low space and images will take more space then text.

So, calculate the total size of your data and also calculate the future requirement as well.

Generally, the text-rich site requires hosting space from 1GB to 10GB. However, there are many hosts who are offering unlimited hosting space but please take the note, your site will down if it will reach their background limits. So, this is essential that take space in exact requirements so you will get any trouble in the future.

Another hand, bandwidth which is also important for view the website. it will decide how many visitors will view your website in a month.

There is a simple calculation is that you can take a minimum of 10 times of hosting space. for example, if you have 10GB hosting space then you should take 100GB bandwidth. However, if you have more traffic then it requires more bandwidth.

3. WordPress Web hosting

If you are planning to design your website with the help of free source of a content management system(CMS) of WordPress. This is very papular CMS in the world. check how to create a website with WordPress.

Majority of the website run on this CMS. So, make sure with your host, WordPress hosting is available with the latest version.

You should check whether, there is managed WordPress hosting which comes with many inbuilt features like automatic updates, daily auto backup, Lastest PHP, and plugins which make hosting fast.

4. SSL Certificate

Today’s, security is becoming a priority. So, SSL certificate is required to install on the server which will secure the data. Make sure there is an SSL certificate included in the hosting plan.

SSL will compulsory in nearer time as Google chrome started to alert that the website is not secure who don’t have SSL installed. Upon installation of SSL, your URL will add “S” letter after HTTP and it will become HTTPS.

5. Server Uptime and speed

This point is very important to run your website smoothly. Don’t buy such hosting where the server will go down multiple times. This is common in cheap hosting. So, money is not that much matter then server up time.

Server uptime should be greater than 99.9%. Your website should live 24 hours so, you will get more business.

Speed of hosting server should be great so your website will open quickly over browser. It is very essential in the point of the view of SEO. so, your website page load fast then your Google rank will increase.

6. Customer Support

There is possible to get technical issues during usage of hosting services. So, fast customer support plays a major role to get it resolved. There are so many options to get support from a host like live chat, phone support, email support, ticket support, etc.

Make sure there is LIVE chat support. This is a very good type of support method then phone/ticket.


Cost of hosting also matter but don’t compromise over quality. There are so many hosts who are offering cheap hosting even free hosting but service will not up to the mark.

You will not get good customer support, stable uptime, the latest version of apps and PHP, SSL and many more.

Best Web Hosting

Fast and secure WordPress hosting

We have researched about all hosts mentioned here. on the basis of the following things, we have ranked them.

  1. Customer support
  2. Uptime and Speed
  3. Features
  4. Cost

1. SiteGround Hosting

Best web hosting 2019

SiteGround hosting advantages:

This host offers quality customer support, where the customer will get a fast resolution of the issue. This is the main key of this host and makes it uniques from others.

Network uptime matters a lot and it will decide how many times your website will live on the internet. So, it has average 99.9% uptime.

Fast hosting and Secure hosting (SSL with all plans) is another major point to choose this host. All plan includes SSL, which is a great thing.  If you have WordPress, then they have managed best WordPress hosting with free daily backup, CDN service, and free site migration. 

Introductory price start from $3.95 USD for annual commitment and renewal price start from $ 11.95 USD which is not part of the cheapest web hosts in our directory. But they included many like managed services, SSL, CDN, free migration, etc. which leads prices.

Siteground hosting cons

  • Little high price but features are higher.
  • Setup fee for a monthly commitment.
  • Limited hosting space

2. Bluehost Hosting

best web hosting 2019

Bluehost hosting advantages

The web host offers good network uptime near about 99.8% server uptime. User web page will load fast on the server. Every plan comes with SSL which will make secure your sensitive data.

This host has managed the best WordPress hosting with features of high performance, free marketing tools, there are a lot of WordPress premium themes, free daily backup, automatic version updates, staging environment.

There is a huge space at a good price. There is 30 Days money back option if you don’t like the service of Bluehost.

Under promo offer, price starts from $3.95 USD with 3 years commitments. Renewal starts from 7.99$ which is a good price.

3.HostGator Hosting

best hosting reviews 2019

HostGator Hosting Advantages:

The HostGator offers near about 99.98% server uptime and fast load hosting. Free SSL with every plan is another important feature.

The host made an amazing WordPress managed hosting plan on a cloud basis. WordPress hosting comes with features of high performance, marketing tools, daily backup.

Unlimited hosting is another good point for this host where you avail unlimited hosting space and bandwidth.

Introductory offer, price starts from $2.75 USD with 3 years commitments. Renewal starts with 4.99$ which is a very good price.

4. Hostinger Hosting

cheap web hosting 2019

Hostinger Hosting Advantages:

UAB based web host offer average network up-time. Free SSL and Free domain are major points on this host.

Cheap Web hosting just at $0.80

Cheap web hosting is the main factor of this host. You will get hosting just at $0.80. It’s the world cheapest host.

5. A2hosting Hosting

best hosting reviews 2019

A2hosting Advantages

Server uptime is nearer as committed by host.

Customer support of this web host is nice and are available via chat, ticket, email, and phone.

20x times fast load is key of their success. Fast load is matters.

Managed WordPress hosting is available with hosting provider and with features of like auto update, auto backup, site staging, etc.

Unlimited Hosting space and bandwidth come with all hosting plan is a really good feature but please read their usage policy before making final on this.

Free SSL certificate will be served by a2hosting with all web hosting package.


To choosing best web hosting will become easy if you will work on network uptime and post-sale customer support of any web host.



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