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“Do you think that creating a website is too hard?”

How to create a website is a really big question and always you want to make a website. But you don’t know how to do that? You are also thinking that it’s a big thing to create a website and required a lot of technical knowledge like HTML, CSS, PHP and any other programming languages.

But don’t worry I’ll guide you here to create a website without knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. This is a step by step simple and pure tutorial for the beginner or like you. I mentioned simple ways here to learn about making a website.

Creating website tutorial is idle for: Beginner or Starter

What time required to setup site: 25 to 30 minutes

What you will learn from this tutorial: Complete creating website process

Here, you will learn how most developers or web designers create their websites and also how can you save money whose investing in website building tools like website builder and they have also limitations.

You will also get tips to avoid mistakes during building a website.

Come and started now

How to create a website in 4 steps with WordPress

Important facts:

There are lot of website building tools or builders in the market. But I’m choosing a website building platform which is most popular over internet and absolutely free for all.

That is WordPress. currently, more than 60 million websites are running over this platform or website building tool. It is a content management system (CMS) and works on PHP and MySQL. Don’t worry you don’t need to knowledge of PHP and MySQL to build the website.

“Why WordPress is so popular over the internet for website building?”

7 reasons to choose WordPress

  1. First of all, this is a free and simple building platform.
  2. This is a choice of more than 60 million websites over the world.
  3. WordPress interface is user-friendly than others like Joomla, Drupal.
  4. You can create a website in 1 or 2 days in WordPress but you can’t do with HTML/CSS as those require learning first. learning will take time for more than 6 months. which not important for the current situation.
  5. WordPress is better than website builder because the website builder is paid solution and there are limitations for big development.
  6. There are plugins which enhance the development of a website with WordPress but this is not possible with a website builder.
  7. This is idle for small level enterprises to medium enterprises.

Step-1 Buy web hosting and Register a domain name.

To build a website you need to register a domain name and also buy web hosting where you will host your domain.

What is domain name?

A domain name is a unique internet address in which your website will know over the internet. Like

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service and provides a server where your website data will be stored in the form of texts, images, videos and it will display the information to the visitors via domain name or you can say your website name through the world wide web (WWW).

” In other words, for creating a website you require a website name (domain name) and web hosting where you will store your text, images, and videos and publish to the world.”

By Suriya

There are lot of web hosts to provides web hosting and domain name service. I recommend using the following web hosts.

Top 5 web hosts

Here the process to signup with a web host for web hosting and domain registration.

4 easy ways to signup for SiteGorund hosting

1. Visit or your own choice host.

how to create a website

2. Choose your hosting plan

create a website

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount through our affiliate link.

It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan to your audience:

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

3. Choosing domain

domain name registration

You can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. I suggest that register domain as .com, .Net,Info and .org. Free website transfer for GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

4. Review and Complete

web hosting plan

Upon completion of a domain registration availability, you require to review purchase and enter your billing details and make payments.

Step-2. WordPress Installation

Now you have completed the first step, where register a domain name and also set up a web hosting account. Its time to go ahead for the WordPress installation process.

2 ways to install WordPress on your domain

  1. WordPress one-click installation guide (Auto installation of WordPress)
  2. Manual WordPress installation

1. 7 steps to setup one click installation.

  1. Go to and log in to cPanel
  2. Once login go to “cPanel”
WordPress installation guide

3. On cPanel, you will see “Auto-installer” after “Domains tab

4. Under auto-installer, you will see WordPress in 3rd number and after Joomla.

5. Click on WordPress

6. Click on Install

wordpress installation process

7. Upon click on Install it will show WordPress setup settings.


I will guide you settings to setup wordpress installation.

  1. Choose the version of WordPress: I recommend to install the latest version.
  2. Choose installation URL: Here select http or https as protocol and choose domain on which you want to install the software. you have also an option if you want to install WordPress on directory
  3. Site name: Enter your site name or blog name or company name
  4. Site description or tag line: enter a small description of your company or blog or website.
  5. Admin Username: create your own choice user name and will help to login in the WordPress admin panel.
  6. Admin password: create your own choice password please make it a strong password.
  7. Admin email: please enter valid email id so your installation details and future communication will be sent there.
  8. Language: keep English as your primary language if not other than English.
  9. Limit login attempts: please check this box as it will limit login and helpful for harmful attacks.
  10. Classic editor: keep it blank.
  11. Choose theme or WordPress starter: select none or
  12. Click on Install. It will start to the installation process and in a few moments it will be done and you can start.

2. Manual WordPress installation guide

19 ways to install WordPress manually

  1. First of all, go to
  2. Download latest version of WordPress 5.2.2
  3. A zip file will be downloaded as “”
  4. Right click on this file and click on extract here.
  5. A folder will be generated as “WordPress”
  6. Click on this folder and look for a wp-config-sample.php file
  7. Rename this file to wp-config.php
  8. Now open this file in your notepad or notpadd++ or sublime text etc.
wordpress config

9. Look for DB_NAME and enter database name thereby replacing database_name_here

10. Find DB_User and enter the database user name thereby replacing username_here.

11. Find DB_Password and enter database password thereby replacing password_here.

12. Please note that enter database details without leaving space. Save this file

13. Now we requires to transfer wordpress folder files to the server via FTP or file manger.

14. Download FileZilla for FTP transfer and also get FTP login details from your host. you can also create FTP user from cPanel. Normally your cPanel login details are same for FTP login.

filezilla ftp transfer

15. To connect with your host server enter hostname generally hostname will (domain extension may other User name and password are required to fill-up as provided by the host. Port number will be provided by the host.

16. Once connected to the server, look for the WordPress folder on your system via Filezilla.

17. Open wordpress folder files and move to the servers by using ‘drag n drop’ option. Please make sure on the server there is no any index file. if there is then please delete that.

18. Upon successful server file transfer open a web browser like chrome, internet explorer and type URL as

19. Enter your site name, tag line, email id, user name, and password and click on install WordPress.

STEP-3 Design a website

free wordpress themes

As WordPress will be installed, you will get a very basic website or blog. But it’s not your expectation. So you require to choose your own choice theme so website or blog will look fine.

There are so many free themes on the platform of WordPress. You can choose from there as you like. All themes are fully customizable.

Premium WordPress themes option is always there and many providers are there like Those are offering good quality themes.

How can a wordpress theme installed?

9 ways to install WordPress theme

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard by login at
  2. You will be forward for WordPress dashboard
wordpress dashboard

3. Click on Appearance from sidebar of wordpress.

4. Then click on Themes

5. Here you will see list of installed themes.

wp themes installation

6. To install new theme click on add new.

wordpress themes installation

7. Here are two option to install a theme. if you have a theme on your system then go to Upload Theme and choose a file from the system and install now.

8. But, there are a lot of themes available on a free basis. Search theme by typing the keyword and Select from the list of themes and click on install.

9. Once installed, click on activate. The theme will be activated and you can see an effect on your URL at

Step-4 Website content management

This step is important because here you need to add your own content that you would like to publish to the world. WordPress is really cool tool for content management. here you can add or remove or modify any time by just login to the wordpress dashboard.

How to add content to the wordpress website?

4 ways to add content to WordPress page

There are two types of content adding system in WordPress. one is to add a page to the website and the second one is to add post to the blog. We are creating a website so we will create pages.

Pages may like as about us, contact us, services or products, etc. it depends upon what type of website you have.

Here a few steps to add content to the wordpress site.

1. Take the mouse on the Pages in the sidebar of WordPress and click on add new.

how to add page in wordpress

2. Following screen will display upon click on add new. There are 3 important features to add content to the page. One is add title, here you need to add title of page like contact us. Second one is start typing or choose block, here you need to enter your page content in the form of text, image or video etc. there are blocks from where you will choose text type like paragraph, heading, list, images, widgets, quote etc.

how to add page in wordpress

To know more about how to add blocks in the WordPress page or post?

3. Upon adding content to the WordPress page you will see look as below.

how to add page on wordpress

4. Publish the page: On the above picture, you can see as your content is ready for publishing. before publishing, you can click on preview and check whether all things are fine or require to modify. Last, click on publish and your page will be published to the world. Here a URL will be generated as you can edit URL after slash as you want. You can create many more pages like this way.

4 easy steps to add content to the blog post?

  1. Take the mouse posts in the sidebar
  2. Click on add new
  3. You will see the same content adding method as in pages. here you need to enter title then description then go for publishing post.
  4. You can create categories for your post as well.

7 easy steps to add pages on the menu?

Upon successful creating pages for website you can now add pages to the menu or navigation of the website.

1 Take the mouse on the Appearance of the WordPress side then click on Menu and following menu structure will open.

  1. Click on create a menu and enter menu name like Top
  2. The first section you will see the list of all pages those are published by you. select pages those you want to add on the TOP menu. click on add to menu. Here we have added Services, contact us, about us pages
  3. Section 2nd, you will see the pages you added to the menu
  4. Now select menu setting from the third section you have four choices there like primary, footer, etc.
  5. Here we are selecting primary because we want to show our pages on the top of the page
  6. go to the 4th section where Save menu option. click on that and save menu.
  7. Same process for footer menu or another type of menu you want.

Important WordPress Customization settings

4 WordPress customization settings

1 . General Settings

wordpress seo setting

Keep SEO in the mind and enter site title and tagline for your website. It will good for search engine ranking. click on save changes upon making these changes.

2. Permalink Settings

wordpress permalinks setting

In this setting, this is important that your link name should be SEO favorable. Here are so many options for links name for your page or post. choose post name option and save changes. your URL will show like

3.Reading Settings

wordpress reading settings

In reading setting, there is most important setting which requires if you are designing a website not a blog. for website there must be static home page. in home page display, by default there is your latest post is your home page. but we are creating a website so a static page required. so select a static page in section 2 in the above image.

In the homepage, select the page which you would like to add as the home page. like there a page name home I selected as homepage.

In the post page, if you have also blog with your website then you can add a blog post page where your blog post will display. here I’m using a blog page as a post display option. save changes.

4. Discussion Settings

wordpress discussion setting

If you want to disable or enable to post comments on a page or post then you should go for settings >> discussion and untick allow people to the post comments on new articles. this will disable comments on all post/pages.

However, if you want to disable comments on a few pages or post then go that post or page and under document go to down and select discussion and untick there comment option. it will disable comment for a specific page or post.

WordPress Plugins

There is no limitation to customize wordpress website. you can add more functions to your website by using plugins. There are lot of FREE plugins from which you can increase your website functionalities.

Premium plugins are also available there on paid basis

What is a plugin and how to add a plugin to the WordPress website?

The plugin is a software part which enhances the features of existing software like WordPress.

WordPress plugin enhance the functionalities of a website.

Add Plugin

3 easy ways to add a plugin to WordPress site

how to add wordpress plugin

1. Over WordPress, you can add plugin by two methods one is upload plugin method where you can attach plugin file from your system.

2. Another method, you can search your required plugin from plugin store in built WordPress admin. take the mouse over plugin in the sidebar of WordPress and click on add new and you will see plugin dashboard as in the above image.

3. Go to the search box and type the keyword of your plugin name and click on install once found then activate.

How to create a website with WordPress is easy to learn.


I have covered almost all about to make your website on wordpress platform. But keep improving this. As you learn more about wordpress you will customize it more to enhance the features of website.

WordPress is powerful tool to customize your website in all ways.

This tutorial is idle for beginner and check our videos as well you will learn more. if any difficulties please make comment I will try to resolve.





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