How to Install WordPress on localhost


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“Localhost wordpress installation without buying hosting”

How to install WordPress on localhost or on your desktop computer is a very popular question. WordPress is majority website tools for designing a website. There are more than 34% of websites run on the WordPress platform.

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There are two ways to install a local server on your desktop machine. One is Wamp Server and the second one is Xampp.

Here I’m using Xampp server for localhost.

7 steps to install WordPress on localhost.

I’am providing you 7 easy steps to install wordpress on your localhost.

1. Download Xampp

how to install wordpress on localhost
  • First of go to Xampp website
  • Here you will get 3 option for your windows system.
  • Choose latest version 7.3.6 / PHP 7.3.6
  • Click on Download button and an EXE file will be downloaded
  • Download size: 148MB
  • Run installation once downloads keep c drive a destination for your Xampp folder. however, you can give another location as well.
  • Once finished it will create a folder name “Xampp” in C drive.

2. Create a project in Xampp

How to Install WordPress on localhost
  • Once installed of Xampp now go to C drive
  • Look for Xampp folder and click on it
  • Find the htdocs folder and click on that.
  • Now, I am creating a new project or website so, I’m creating a folder.
  • My folder name is “mynewwebsite“.

3. Download Lastest version of WordPress

  • As you will finish to create a project name folder, go to
  • Click on Download WordPress 5.2.2
  • A WordPress ZIP file will be downloaded on your download folder
  • Go to download folder and right click on WordPress-5.2.2.Zip
  • Click on Cut or copy
  • Go to C drive and look for Xampp
  • Open Xampp folder then go to the htdocs folder
  • Now I am going to my new project folder which is “mynewwebsite
  • Open this folder and CTLR +V or paste WordPress Zip file here
  • Now right click on WordPress ZIP file and click on extract here
  • A WordPress folder will be generated.
  • Open the WordPress folder and cut/copy all files and folder in that folder
  • Past it in the mynewwebsitefolder and delete the WordPress folder and also ZIP file.

4. Start Apache and MySQL

Xampp control panel
  • Search Xampp in your windows search box
  • You will get Xampp control panel and click on that
  • The xampp control panel will open as in the above image
  • Click on Start for Apache
  • Click on start for MySQL
  • Now server now Live.

5. Create a database

how to create database in phpmyadmin
  • Go to browser and type URL http://localhost/phymyadmin/
  • You will get into the phpmyadmin dashboard
  • Click on Database
  • Now enter the database name I am giving here “mynewwesbite” as the database name.
  • Click on create
  • The database will be created.

6. Install WordPress on localhost

  • Open browser and type URL as http://localhost/mynewwebsite/
  • Select a language from the list and click on continue.
  • Now site name and user login details will required
localhost wordpress installation process
  • Enter site title like “Mynewwebsite
  • Create a username as per your choice.
  • Create a password as per your choice.
  • Enter email ID where installation details will be sent.
  • Click on install WordPress

Congrats! Your WordPress has been installed over your localhost or on your desktop machine.


Login to WordPress Admin

  • Go to browser and type URL as http://localhost/mynewwebsite/wp-admin/
  • Type your user name and password those entered during installation
  • You are now on WordPress dashboard
wordpress dashboard

“How to Install WordPress on localhost” is easy.

Yes. I have described thoroughly about how to install wordpress on local host and it is very easy process.


WordPress installation on localhost is simple process and take 10-15 minutes to setup wordpress. You can create your WordPress based projects on your system without required online server of web hosting.

Hosting is not required for a localhost WordPress installation. it will run as it runs on an online server.

Later on you can shrift your project to your online server.



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